the young woman sick with Ebola is cured, the search for

In Abidjan, the young woman infected with the Ebola virus is cured. The Ivorian Ministry of Health announced this on Tuesday, August 24. But the Ivorian authorities are still looking for contacts and examining the slightest sign of the virus appearing in the country where no other case has been reported so far.

with our correspondent in Abidjan, Pierre Pinto

The Ebola patient is safe. And Ivory Coast is ticking off the calendar in the hope that it can soon be sure to get rid of the disease. “Virologically, it cures,” explains Serge Eholié, of the Health Watch Committee. And from this day, and after discussion with our technical partners, in particular the WHO, we count the 42 days from which we can say that the Ivory Coast is free from disease if we have no new cases. ”

Problem: Dozens of contact cases are still in nature and actively sought after by the Ivorian authorities. And the maximum incubation period of 21 days is not over, new cases are still possible. “We are on the 12th day of this contact case search, both in Abidjan and in the other cities in the country. But when we were looking for contacts, we set up an early warning system: we made the network of the Ministry of Health and the private sector sensitive to be able to quickly detect all new cases of fever that we call “non-malaria” …. “

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In the meantime, 1,420 people have been vaccinated against Ebola so far and the activity continues, says the Ministry of Health.

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