the new transitional government appointed, from the military to strategic positions

The transitional government in Mali was unveiled on Monday, October 5th. Of the 25 members, the military occupies four strategic positions: defense, security, national reconciliation, and territorial administration.

as reported from Bamako,

In the 25-member government, the junta has at least four strategic portfolios: defense, security, the territorial administration that organizes the election, and the reconciliation ministry. In this transitional government, very few places are reserved for the traditional political class.

M5, a protest movement that participated in the fall of the old regime as well as its moral authority Imam Mahmoud Dicko has three portfolios: Communications, the Ministry of Employment led by the young dynamic Mohamed Salia Touré, and finally the Ministry of Refoundation led by Mohamed Coulibaly, very close to a major figure of the M5, filmmaker Cheick Oumar Sissoko.

Another highlight is the entrance to the new team of representatives of armed groups involved in the peace process. For example, in the important position in agriculture, we find a representative of the previous uprising, Mahmoud Ould Mohamed. The Ministry of Youth is also in possession of a previous uprising. Me Harouna Toureh, a figure of armed groups governing the government, becomes Labor Minister and Government Spokeswoman.

This government includes a total of four women. Among them is Kadiatou Konaré, daughter of former Malian President Alpha Oumar Konaré, who has made a name for himself in the publication, head of the Ministry of Culture.


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