a new conference to try to end the war

At the initiative of Berlin, a new international conference on Libya was organized on Monday, October 5, with the same countries participating in the Berlin Conference in January last year. The aim is to follow up on Berlin and move towards a solution, but failure to apply the Berlin resolution requires caution.

Sixteen countries and organizations in addition to the annual work of the Security Council in United Nations,was assembled at video conference. Among them were countries that have already participated The Berlin Conference last January, as well as the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey or even Russia as well as the six neighboring countries in Libya.

For Heiko Mass, the leader of German diplomacy, this conference comes after a ceasefire that ended 14 months of war in Libya and especially after “the encouraging signs of a shift from a military logic to a political logic between the warring ones,” he declared.

“The future of Libya is at stake

However, the German official said “cautiously optimistic” at the end of this conference about the chances of reaching a solution to the conflict in Libya. Political discussions between the opposing parties of this country are taking place in Switzerland, Morocco and Egypt to bring views closer together to resume dialogue.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterresa, for his part, said “the future of Libya is at stake”. In his speech, he called on Libyans to step up their efforts to make the ceasefire sustainable and become more involved in political dialogue.

The participants in this conference seek to build on the current inter-Libyan discussions. They again called for respecting the arms embargo, implementing economic reforms and reuniting Libyan institutions.

When Morocco had not been invited to Berlin in January last year, he refused to attend this meeting. “Our position is to support direct dialogue between Libyans,” said Nasser Bourita, the Moroccan foreign minister.


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