support meetings in Paris and Bamako

He is the only French hostage in the world. French journalist Olivier Dubois was abducted in northern Mali exactly two months ago on Tuesday, June 8, while reporting in Gao, where he planned to interview a leader of the Islam and Muslim Support Group. Support meetings are organized today in Bamako and in Paris, Place de la République.

The meeting was organized by Olivier Duboi’s support committee, his relatives and organizations by journalists and former hostages. At the end of the morning, a hundred people gathered in the Place de la République in Paris.

Relatives of Olivier Dubois, who have found each other, who have met, for some and who, above all, now support each other. Several family members, many friends, happy to see such a mobilization for Olivier. “It’s comforting, it’s heartwarming, we hope he will know it and it will help him hold on,” several of Olivier’s friends told RFI.

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His press employers – Liberation, Le Point, Jeune Afrique – also responded.

But the aim of this demonstration, like the one held in Bamako at the same time, is above all to raise public opinion on the case of Olivier Dubois and to ensure that the authorities, Malian and French, do well. Everything they can to bring him back to his family.

This was the intention of the intervention of Christophe Deloire, Secretary-General of the Association of Reporters Without Borders, the presence of five former hostages, five journalists imprisoned in Iraq, Libya, Colombia, in different parts of the world, as they did their job as journalists and who are gone, was also intended.

They posed together in front of a red and black banner, with the image of Olivier Dubois, as if to say: “We are here, we have been to your place ourselves and today we are free. Soon, Olivier, it’s you. “

In Bamako, about 80 people gathered at the Maison de la Presse in the capital at the same time to demand the release of Olivier Dubois.

I know Olivier well because we work together on a number of topics. I have seldom seen anyone do that on the pitch, I hope he comes back to us.

Rally in support of Olivier Dubois in Bamako


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