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Chadian individuals accused of plotting against the president

Legal conclusion, or close to it, in a case dating back to December 2017 in Cameroon. At that time, nearly 75 individuals were arrested in Yaoundé, Douala, Ebolowa, and Kye-Ossi, in the south. Some were released, while the rest - less than thirty, mostly Chadian nationals - faced charges of attempting to assassinate the president of neighboring Equatorial Guinea and were prosecuted by military justice. After four years of proceedings, in March 2022, sentences of 30 and 35 years in prison were handed down. These convictions…

Mali: a portion of the hostages kidnapped last week near

In Mali, some hostages taken on Tuesday, April 16 near Bandiagara were set free. Over 100 passengers from three buses traveling between Bankass and Bandiagara in the country's central region were stopped by armed men. Local sources report that the kidnappers are Jihadists from the JNIM (Group to Support Islam and Muslims), affiliated with al-Qaeda. Other hostages remain captive, and the selection process was not random.

Guinea: Mining company SMD at the center of tensions in the country.

In Guinea, the Lero district has been a hotspot for tension for over a week. This small area, located 140 km from the gold-rich city of Siguiri, near the Malian border, is experiencing unrest and riots targeting the mining company SMD. Locals claim that the gold company has not honored its commitments regarding hiring and infrastructure. Since the military entered the town last Monday, residents have reported deaths and gunshot injuries.

Togo Elections: Church Observers Requested

The political campaign in Togo continues ahead of next Monday's legislative and regional elections. This comes as lawmakers recently approved a contentious new Constitution that shifts the country from a presidential to a parliamentary system. President Faure Gnassingbé has two weeks to enact it. However, as preparations for the dual vote continue, the Catholic Church's request to deploy observers was turned down by the Electoral Commission.

Guinea: Opposition rallies around the Sacred Union

In Guinea, the Sacred Union coalition was formed, uniting various civil society organizations and political parties around the UFDG, main opposition force. During their initial statement on Monday, the new alliance urged the junta to hold elections promptly. Coalition members claim that General Mamadi Doumbouya's presidency has missed several deadlines, indicating a desire to seize power.

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