Ouattara-Gabgbo towards a more symbolic meeting

Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara will meet for the presidency on Tuesday, July 27, according to the date announced by the Ivorian government at the end of Wednesday’s cabinet meeting. It has not yet been confirmed by its predecessor’s camp. The contact is therefore finally reconnected between the two men.

It is Laurent Gbagbo who is said to be the origin of the telephone discussion that took place two weeks ago, a few days after his trip to Kinshasa. This is the first time the two have talked to each other since the 2010-2011 crisis.

Alassane Ouattara was annoyed at not getting a call from his predecessor before returning to Ivory Coast, despite contacts between their respective entourage. Nor would the presidency have appreciated Laurent Gbagbo’s behavior since June 17: the fact that the former president did not stay at the presidential pavilion at his disposal at the airport, his statements to France 24 about the 2010 crisis – he described himself as an “embarrassing man” who must be “dismissed” – or even when he visited Henri Konan Bédié, he strongly criticized Alassane Ouattara’s third term.

In Laurent Gbagbo’s entourage, we are sure of that this meeting was announcedis a sign of respect for “African values” that want the younger ones to visit their older ones and that one should not expect political content outside the obvious symbolic scope of this meeting.

While opponents of FPI-GOR and PDCI demand a national dialogue, while religious leaders publicly call on leaders to protect peace in Côte d’Ivoire after tense exchanges via the media, the authorities have therefore provided their answer …

Firstly, the dialogue has never been interrupted, discussions have always taken place at the level of the Prime Minister, the government spokesman insisted on Wednesday, just after announcing in the press that a response to the press this July 27 meeting. . The day before, Alassane Ouattara had stressed for Tabaski the importance of strengthening social cohesion and reconciliation.

As for FPI-GOR, we are waiting to meet around Laurent Gbagbo before officially commenting on what we qualify as a “government announcement”.


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