Mali faces French military disengagement

There are no official comments yet in the Sahelian capitals affected by the decision to end Operation Barkhane. In Bamako, where the coup carried out by Colonel Assimi Goïta three weeks ago has seized France, the power junta did not always react. this Friday, June 11, but the country will have to face many challenges.

as reported from Bamako, Kaourou Magassa

The authorities in power and the new authorities in Mali have still not publicly commented on Emmanuel Macron’s decision. But we already know that the French ambassador was received on Thursday in the Foreign Ministry, before the French president spoke, and the two countries continue to talk to each other through official channels, we say.

The executive is now much more concerned about the formation of a government with national unity. This should be announced on Sunday and will be responsible for redefining a new timetable, the goals of the reforms to be initiated during Malia’s transition.

The divided political class

The political class and the armed groups that signed the peace agreements in Algiers, to which RFI could join, reacted and the views are many and they differ. Some believe that the results of the fight against terrorism are insufficient and want a total withdrawal of the French army, unlike the former Minister Moussa Mara and the founder of the Yéléma party, for whom this great and necessary change.

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For him, this is a Malian crisis and, above all, a Malian problem, and it is up to the armed authorities to show that they will be able to meet the challenge in the fight against terrorism. He still demands to maintain and continue cooperation with France.

This does not prevent many actors from feeling anxious to see terrorists occupy positions in large city centers and an increase in attacks. Under-equipped, the Malian army is still heavily dependent on logistics and air support from France.

Part of Malia’s opinion was upset

Part of the opinion is exceeded by the French President. Its positions are considered one-sided and arrogant. To the wear and tear of Emmanuel Macron, in the face of a condition he does not want to replace, the moths respond to their irritation. The thorny issue of dialogue with terrorists is a dividing line between France and Mali.

For Paris, it is a red line not to cross, while for the Malians it is a sovereign decision, decided with all the forces of the country and a solution to end almost a decade of war. Most Malians have given up on this situation and really demand that the war be ended as soon as possible.

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