in Togo, the outrage of journalists after

Togolese press executives are outraged that several Togolese journalists are targeting espionage using Pegasus software.

More than 300 Togolese numbers appear in the list of potential targets for Israeli spy program, Pegasus, according tosurvey conducted by Amnesty International and several media outletsfrom the Forbidden Stories network. Among these figures, political or association leaders and journalists.

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Despite the screams surrounding this Pegasus affair, Togolese press chiefs are surprised by the authorities’ silence. Its president, Isidore Sassou Akollor, is urging the government to say that freedom of expression is at stake.

“If it is true that journalists are being spied on, let the Togolese state tell us, as it is against the rules of our Press Code and the Code of Ethics,” said Isidore Sassou Akollor, indignantly at our microphone. Corresponds to Lomé Peter Sassou Dogbe.

The danger is that whistleblowers are deterred, Isidore Sassou Akollor continues. “Today, anyone who wants to give information to a journalist will be careful, will have great difficulty informing the journalist. And in that case, the job becomes difficult. We will no longer have any information and it is the right to information and freedom of the press that is threatened in Togo.

This is what we condemn and we ask the Togolese State to clarify the situation, to be able to inform and / or inform the opinion on the use of Pegasus, .. “.

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