Former President of Chad Hissène Habré will be buried at

Two days after the death of Covid-19 at the age of 79, former Chadian President Hissène Habré will be buried on Thursday, August 26, in Senegal. A long-awaited decision when the question of returning his body to Chad arose. The former head of state had lived in Senegal for 31 years, after being overthrown by Idriss Déby. It was here that he was sentenced to life in 2016 for crimes against humanity during his reign from 1982 to 1990.

as reported from Dakar, Thea Ollivier

The lifting of the body of Hissène Habré is scheduled for the early afternoon of Thursday 26 August at the Omar Mosque in Dakar. The funeral will then take place at the Muslim cemetery in Yoff in the Senegalese capital.

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A decision that had remained pending until yesterday at the end of the day, when Senegalese media provoked a disagreement between the two wives of Hissène Habré.

On the night of her death, Fatimé Raymonne Habré, one of his wives, had announced that she wanted her husband to rest “in Senegalese countries” as long as he was not rehabilitated in Chad.

It also stated that it did not ask the Chadian government for anything, which had announced a little earlier that it would not oppose the return of the deceased’s body but that no official tribute would be paid to him “because of his convictions. And out of respect for his victims. ”.

It is also in this cemetery in Yoff that the former Cameroonian President Ahmadou Ahidjo was buried in 1989. He had gone into exile in Senegal after being sentenced to death in the absence of his country.

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