first DEF degree for middle school students from northern Mali

This is a first for students in the Sahara region Taoudéni, in northern Mali. One hundred students take the test that opens them, perhaps the doors to the school. The trials were organized in Timbuktu, where their families have been displaced since the early 2010s.

The exam began on Monday with the dictation-question test. This is the first time that students from the Taoudéni administrative region, which was created four years ago in northern Mali, have been able to take the Basic Studies Diploma (DEF), which allows them to go to high school. A source of satisfaction for Mohamed Ag Ghissa, director of educational activities at the new academy.

“It’s a good first in Taoudéni, because it’s a new region, he insists. There’s everything to do: basic social services, education, health, hydraulics, really. Government technical services are working hard to make this region truly operational. ”

Survey moved to Timbuktu First, however, the survey was moved to Timbuktu. “For practical reasons, Mohamed Ag Ghissa resumes, the investigation takes place in Timbuktu. We encountered difficulties there: most parents have been based in Timbuktu since the crisis in 2012. So we got the approval. It is also an opportunity to thank everyone who came with us, the Ministry of Education, the authorities, the communities, the academy and, among others, UNICEF’s partners, who supported us in this process there to move the other cycles in Timbuktu with the students’ parents. ”

Science, history-geography and mathematics are on the menu for the next two days.

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