Different political reactions after the appointment

In Mali, the Prime Minister of the Second Transitional Government was appointed on Monday, June 7, after the new President’s Colonel Assimi Goïta. As expected, Choguel Maïga was appointed. The president of the MPR party and leader of the M5-RFP coalition, which organized the protest against former president Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta a year ago, must now form his government.

Not surprisingly, Choguel Maïga is a good choice for Jeamille Bittar, spokesman for his M5 movement.

Doctor Choguel Maïga is a good choice because the most important force for change that is and remains M5-RFP had as President Dr. Choguel Maïga. So we can say that things are going in normal order. Mr Maïga is a man of consensus, a unifier and a man who has his head on his shoulders, because if it had not been for this good leadership, many would have already given us as a dead unity […] The main demands of the Malian people will be able to translate them into concrete actions

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But not everyone agrees. Nouhoum Sarr is president of the African Front for Development, a party that was a member of the M5 coalition during the major rallies that led to the fall of President IBK.

Today he left the M5 and sits on the CNT, the National Transitional Council, which serves as the National Assembly. If he supports the transition process and even because he supports it, he considers it a mistake to have chosen Choguel Maïga.

Those who derailed the train can not get the train back. a leader of a political party cannot be the leader of a transitional government. The transition must organize the choices we all want to be credible and open. The old regime led our country to its destruction. Choguel Maïga is responsible for the old regime’s balance sheet, as a former minister, as a spokesman. He shares the responsibility for our country’s moral bankruptcy.


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