coach of the national team for women

On Monday, July 26, 2021, a source from the prosecutor’s office in a court in Bamako informed our AFP colleagues about the arrest and prosecution of Amadou Bamba for “pedophilia, attempted rape and modesty”. The arrest comes a month after the publication of an investigation by the New York Times and Human Rights Watch, which revealed a system of sexual abuse within the Malian Basketball Federation.

Amadou Bamba, 51, is suspected of having traded playing time or equipment in exchange for sexual favors. According to the New York Times and Human Rights Watch survey, at least three players testified to having been sexually abused or harassed. Those who refused to have relationships with the coach, at the helm of the U18 team since 2016, have seen their careers sabotaged.

On social media, basketball player Kadiatou Kanouté, chair of the Sports Committee of the Malian Olympic Committee, expressed “her sympathy” for the victims. “I hope this investigation will help us get rid of this plague that is plaguing our country,” she added.

Because it is a whole system that was highlighted by this study. The New York Times estimates that there have been more than a hundred victims in the basketball world since the early 2000s. According to collected testimonies, the Malian Basketball Federation was aware of these abuses. On June 28, Malaysian justice launched an investigation into Harouna Maïga, among others. its president.

An investigation was also initiated by Fiba, International Basketball Federation. Its president, Malian, Hamane Niang, former president of the Malian Federation, accused of going blind, has temporarily resigned. The conclusions from the Fiba investigation are expected after the Olympics in Tokyo.


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