at least 11 policemen killed in an attack in

In Burkina Faso, a dozen police officers were killed in the Center-North region. The police who took over from a team were the target for the armed men in the afternoon on Monday 21 June. According to a report from the Minister of Security, 11 policemen were killed during the attack, four policemen are also missing.

The attack took place in the afternoon on Monday 22 June around kl. 15 local time according to a statement from the Minister of Security. It is between the municipality of Barsalogo and the town of Foubé that the armed men ambushed. Police were to release another team that was on a security mission in Yirgou municipality.

# Press release On Monday, June 21, 2021, at 15:00, a national police assistance team was the target of an ambush by armed individuals on the Barsalogo-Foubé axis, North Center region. The preliminary toll shows that 11 policemen were killed.

– SIG Burkina Faso (@sigbf) 22 June 2021

According to the survivors’ testimonies, the attackers surrounded the police team. The battle started and the armed men used a rocket against one of the police vehicles. Given the firepower of the attackers, the police had to withdraw, our source explains.

Seven secure police officers out of 22

After the attack, of the 22 elements of the national police that made up the team, only seven police officers were found unharmed and four people are still missing, according to an official preliminary report. Of the five vehicles that make up the convoy, only one was found, but burned according to other security sources.

According to the Minister of Security, joint operations with the armed forces are still underway to find the missing police officers.

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