arrest warrant against opposition activist Sékou

Guinea’s justice has issued an international arrest warrant against Sékou Koundouno, an active member of civil society who is also responsible for the planning and strategy of the FNDC, the front that opposed Alpha Condé’s third term. He is charged with conspiracy to commit criminal activity, arson, disturbing the state through massacres, destruction and looting, and participation in a rebellious movement.

as reported from Conakry,Mokhtar Bah

Painful political events have taken place in Guinea over the past year, which, according to the government spokesperson, were the basis for murder, destruction of public and private property that could not, without addition, go unpunished.

Statements by Tibou Kamara, Spokesman for the Government of Guinea

It is within this framework that a legal investigation was initiated and concerned a certain number of people who are suspected of having been responsible for the origin of the violence or for having ordered this violence.

Question: does this mandate have a chance to succeed? Tibou Kamara believes that “the justice that issued the mandate will certainly provide the means to enforce it, because in this area, he adds, there are funds, means and measures between the states and the jurisdictions of the various countries”.

For the leader of the FNDC, an anti-new constitution, this mandate is only a diversion. “It’s worse than a diversion, it’s more an expression of an annoyance and an expression of a fever at the system level,” AbdouramaneSanoh estimates.

AbdouramaneSanoh, National Front for the Defense of the Constitution

They wanted to force the third mandate on the people first, who can not hold, but at the same time one can not scare anyone with these actions that exist only to distract.

Dozens of Guinean opponents and members of civil society have been detained without trial since March and October 2020.


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