Alpha Condé promises peaceful elections ahead of international envoys

Representatives of the United Nations, the African Union and West African countries have been on missions in Conakry since Thursday, October 1st.

They welcomed the assurances of President Alpha Condé, a candidate for a controversial third term, to a peaceful election. This visit comes in the middle of the election campaign, the presidential election, which will be held on October 18. The mission has launched vigorous consultations with actors in the Guinean crisis.

At the end of an audience with Alpha Condé at the Presidential Palace, the representatives of ECOWAS, the African Union and the UN on a joint mission to Conakry expressed their satisfaction after the Guinean President’s assurances to organize, on 18 October a peaceful and free vote.

In the middle of the afternoon, the mission received Ceni. “It was first and foremost to come and inquire about the course of the work. Also to know what is left to do, possibly if Ceni has any requests or requests that it is able to bring this broadcast to these broadcasters, ”explains Mamady Kaba, spokesperson for Ceni.

“ECOWAS is an association of heads of state”

Early in the evening, during another meeting with the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution, the mood was quite different. Faya Millimono, one of the leaders of the FNDC (National Front for Defense of Constitution): “We have now understood that ECOWAS is now an association of heads of state, especially for ECOWAS on the French-speaking side. We told them that if there is a military coup, it is they who were complicit and that they would be prevented from coming here to tell us what they told the Malians. ”

The mission’s objection is to achieve “a free, peaceful and transparent election”, according to Ghanaian Foreign Minister Shirley Ayorkor Botchway.


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