a French diplomatic mission in Cotonou to discuss

Fréderic Bontems, special envoy for the Sahel at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stayed in Cotonou for 24 hours. This is his first assignment to Benin since taking office. With the many terrorist attacks registered in northern Benin, the country is of interest to everyone working on the subject. The French ambassador met several Beninese personalities and technical and financial partners.

as reported from Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

The French diplomat arrived with a staff member from the High Representative for the Sahel Coalition and stayed for 24 hours. Frederic Bontems and his guide did not see President Talon, but they met with four key government ministers.

The Special Envoy for the Sahel came to listen to the Beninese on projects to combat radicalization. No details have yet been published about the content of the projects, their nature and goals. We learn that the target areas are those who are potentially exposed to extremism.

One must work with the feeling of belonging to the national community. This is the reason why the High Commissioner responsible for the sedentarization of breeders and the head of the agency that manages the borders have been associated. According to our sources, Benin wants and hopes for financial support for its projects.

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