vaccination open to all adults

South Africa opened vaccination this weekend for all adults. The country continues to register almost 13,000 new cases of coronavirus per day and only 8% of the population has so far been fully vaccinated.

as reported from Johannesburg, Claire Bargelès

Although 72% of South Africans surveyed in a study at the University of Johannesburg say they are ready to “accept” the vaccine, the pace at vaccination centers is not fast enough to hope to reach the set target of 70% of the adult population vaccinated , at the end of the year. The government hopes to speed up the process by making the process more accessible.

To facilitate access, mobile clinics have appeared on the streets, as here in this collective taxi rank in Soweto. Zodwa Malamule oversees the operation: “We realized that people did not come to the vaccination centers. So we bring the centers to them. There are many people here who come from different places and it is easy for them before they take a taxi to stop and get vaccinated. The same goes for the drivers. They can easily go and get vaccinated. ”

The vaccination now open to anyone over the age of 18, several young adults have settled on the plastic chairs in the queue, such as Ephraim, 32: “I came with my father. He is 59 years old and he was the one who suggested that we be vaccinated once and for all because we were waiting for the opportunity. It’s a family vaccination. ”

Training to go and vaccinate remote areas Nevertheless, for 35 years they are part of the most reluctant population in the country, before the vaccine. Nyankwabe, 30, who has come to get his dose, hopes to be able to change his friends’ opinions: “They are very hesitant. It’s a shame. They say they are thinking but one day they may come. I will tell them about my experience, maybe they will understand. I have done my duty and I think now I will be safer. ”

Other initiatives are emerging to facilitate access for populations, such as setting up a train to go and vaccinate the most remote areas of the country.


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