Tunisia keeps the border with Libya closed

Closed in July last year for health reasons, the land border between Tunisia and Libya remains so despite the information announcing that it is imminent again. Open this Thursday, 19 August only on the Libyan side, last week was the subject of a telephone conversation between the foreign ministers of the two countries. Tunisia fears for its security and seems to be informed of a possible infiltration of extremist elements into its territory.

Tunisia is concerned for its security and fears that terrorist operations on its soil were initiated from Libya to retaliate against the president and avenge Ennahda. This Tunisian Islamist movement accuses the president of leading a coup. Religious leaders close to the movement called for jihad in their speech on Friday, August 20.

Tunis also claims that the person arrested during the planning of an attack on the Tunisian president came from Libya. Kaïs Saïed alluded to that on Friday: “I know what they are planning, I know what they are doing,” he explained, appointing the Islamists.

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In a letter to Interpol, Tunis confirms that hundreds of terrorists ready to infiltrate would be at the Al Witya military base in Libya, not far from the Tunisian border. This base has been in the hands of Turkish forces since the spring of 2020, and Turkey is the major ally of the Libyan Islamists and Ennahda in Tunisia.

Avoid “any attempted terrorist attack” In response to Interpol, Tripolinie, the accuracy of Tunisian information, but two days earlier asked its security services to redouble their vigilance to avoid “any attempted terrorist attack” or infiltration against Ben Gardane in Tunisia.

In the letter to Interpol, the Libyan Interior Minister claims that the Al Witya base is run by the Ministry of Defense. Except that there is no defense minister in the current Libyan government.

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