Tom Erdimi’s family is still looking for

Where did Tom Erdimi go? The first chief of staff of Idriss Deby Itno and former coordinator of the oil project, before moving into the opposition where he was considered the gray prominent uprising led by his twin brother Timane Erdimi. He has been missing since 2020. His family is now trying to find him.

Her family assures that Tom Erdimi has been in Egypt for some time with refugee status and would have been arrested by the Egyptian intelligence service by the end of 2020. Today she decided to try to find him in Ndjamena, where relatives. held a sit-in in front of the Egyptian embassy before being dispersed with tear gas and shots, according to one of Tom Erdimi’s daughters, who speaks of four injured. Tom’s younger brother, Ali Erdimi, who lives in France, also testified. What happened ? There are few securities but many gray areas.

Tom Erdimi had felt guarded for some time, according to his younger brother Ali Erdimi. He then decides to hide to escape his persecutors, in early September 2020. But towards the end of the same year he was arrested by secret services in this country at the request of them from Chad, assures his young brother Ali Erdimi.

Extradited to Chad?

His relatives would first have tried to get him released discreetly. “We decided to publish this case because we have lost all hope today,” assures his younger brother. On Egypt’s side, security sources contacted by RFI did not want to confirm or deny if it was in their hands. But they describe him as “a dangerous terrorist who destabilized Libya on behalf of Qatar”, the sworn enemy in this country.

“We would have arrested him immediately if he had landed with us,” these sources continue, assuring them that they would never have given him refugee status.

Is it just a coincidence? In Ndjamena, colleagues claim to have seen the transitional president, Mahamat Idriss Déby, at the Egyptian embassy on Wednesday, July 28, the day before the sit-in announced by the family and relatives of Tom Erdimi in front of the same embassy, ​​so that Chadian security sources claim he has already been to Chad, without any official source confirming it.

These security sources believe he may have been extradited during one of the two visits by the head of the Egyptian intelligence services in late April or mid-June, but there is no security there either.

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