In Morocco, the 100th day of the hunger strike for

In Morocco, journalist Soulaïmane Raissouni continues, imprisoned since May 25, 2020 and sentenced last week to five years in prison for sexual assault, hunger. His health is deteriorating.

For 100 days he has stopped eating. Soulaïmane Raissouni’s relatives and lawyersare very worried. “Today we are afraid for our lives. His health is really affected, worries master Souad Brahma, one of his lawyers. Before he was imprisoned, he weighed 85 kilos, today he weighs 46. He only has skin on his legs and we are afraid of cardiac arrest. “

This hundredth of the hunger strike coincides with the possible end of the trial of another journalist, Omar Radi, charged in a double case of rape and espionage. “They are obviously accused of sexual assault. In fact, they are criticized for their public opinion and the fact that they practice their profession as journalists with freedom, and that they condemn and criticize authorities and organizations, of course Moroccan, Me Souad Brahma continues.

Sentence last week by Soulaïmane Raissouni to five years in prison provoked international protests. The Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ) called on the Moroccan authorities to release him immediately and to stop making false accusations of sexual abuse of journalists. The US State Department said it was disappointed with the verdict.

“We pray that Soulaïmane and Radib will benefit from a fair trial and that they will benefit from a preliminary release pending sentencing,” said Master Souad Brahma. And for Soulaïmane, we hope that he will be rushed to hospital for proper treatment and that he will be monitored.

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