a meeting to restart monitoring of the Algiers Agreement

From New York to Bamako via Paris and Algiers, one of the priorities of the Chancelleries accredited in Mali is the implementation of the Algerian peace agreement signed in 2015 between the armed groups in northern Mali and the government.

This provides a better representation of the peoples of the northern part of the country and disarms movements of ex-rebels or loyalists to integrate them into the army to put an end to the tensions in these regions. But for five years, this deal has slipped. A diplomatic meeting was held on Thursday, October 1 in Bamako.

It has been months since the international mediation to follow up Algiers peace agreement had not met. In doubt about the socio-political crisis that Mali is going through and the reversal of institutions on 18 August. Western and African diplomats sat around Mahamat Saleh Annadif The head of the United Nations Mission in Mali and Bouhalem Chebihi, Algeria’s Ambassador, reaffirmed their desire to see this agreement set up as a priority: , who is responsible for the implementation of the agreement. ”

Same story in New York where Antonio Guterres, The UN Secretary-General considers this agreement to be crucial for the country’s stability. “There is no viable alternative. I urge the transitional authorities to take over the ownership of the agreement, ”he said.

In Mali, the signing movements are participating in the creation of the transitional bodies. Asked whether it will take another five years to see progress in the implementation of the peace agreement, Boualem Chebihi, Algerian diplomat and chairman of the agreement monitoring committee, replied: “We We hope things will be faster to the satisfaction of Malian Insh’Allah . ”


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