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Tiegoum Boubeye Maiga (Malian journalist): “For Modibo, that

Sixty years ago, on March 18, 1962, the Evian Agreement was signed between representatives of the French Government and those of the Provisional Government of Algeria (GPRA). The text defined the conditions for Algeria's independence and put an end to almost eight years of decolonization war. A conflict that had consequences in neighboring countries, especially in Mali, where then-President Modibo Keïta had supported the Algerian national liberation front. Our guest is the Malian journalist Tiegoum Boubeye Maïga.

why does Spain cease its neutrality?

On Saturday, March 19, Algiers recalled its ambassador to Spain for "consultation". A sign of protest after the support shown for Rabat's self-government plan in the issue of Western Sahara. By violating its traditional neutrality, Spain evokes contrasting…

France celebrates 60 years of Algerian independence

France commemorates on Saturday the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Evian agreements which recognized the independence of Algeria during a ceremony at the Élysée. The bilateral relationship over the decades that followed was marked by episodes of turbulence and rapprochement. In the 60 years since Algeria gained independence from France, it has gone through multiple crises with…

The Origins of Algerian Literature: Five Questions to Ask

Hervé Sanson is a specialist in Maghreb literature. It tells of the conditions for the emergence of French-speaking Algerian literature in the 1950s when the country plunged into a brutal war of liberation. The first generation of Algerian novelists and poets paved the way between the militant and the aesthetic imperative and founded a modern and inventive literature in its form and close to the misery and aspirations of their people in…

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