Robust Security Protocols Implemented in Oslo for Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s Visit

OSLO, Norway (AX) – Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud embarked on a brisk three-day sojourn to Norway on Sunday. As he touched down in Oslo, an impressive security detail awaited him. A cavalcade of police cars and sleek black sedans snaked through the city, momentarily halting traffic. “It’s an important visit,” remarked Rune Hekkelstrand from Oslo Police District’s Operations.

On the agenda, President Mohamud has slated tête-à-têtes with Norway’s Prime Minister, concentrating on economic partnerships, security issues, and developmental ventures. Villa Somalia’s communiqué revealed that these dialogues strive to “bolster the strategic ties between Somalia and Norway across various sectors of shared interest.”

Additionally, based on a report by The Somali National News Agency, President Mohamud is to deliver a keynote at the 2024 Oslo Forum, an elite annual congregation renowned for gathering global statesmen and thinkers to mull over peace and conflict resolution.

Contrarily, detractors have lambasted President Mohamud’s European jaunt amidst lethal clan skirmishes back home in central Somalia. These clashes have claimed 50 lives and wounded over 60 individuals in a hamlet straddling Herale and Abudwak districts within Galgadud region. Concurrently, al-Shabab staged an assault on El-dher village, leading to the death of five government troops and 47 al-Shabab fighters, according to Somali government sources.

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