Northeastern State President Deni Asserts Readiness for Arbitration, Rejects Coercion

In Garowe, Northeastern State President Saeed Abdullahi Deni expresses willingness to engage in dialogue and arbitration concerning its relationship with the Somali government. However, he firmly states that Northeastern State cannot be coerced into compliance.

Deni accuses the federal government of continuous meddling in Northeastern State’s internal affairs, seeking to exert influence. He alleges that there is an ongoing conflict between the federal government and Northeastern State.

“We must respect each other’s boundaries and engage in meaningful conversations. Northeastern State stands ready for justice and is prepared to defend itself,” Deni declared.

He emphasized that if their viewpoint is overlooked, he will make an independent decision based on the agreed-upon laws and arbitration rules.

The ongoing dispute between Northeastern State and the federal government has spanned nearly two years. Northeastern State has also clashed with President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s administration for an extended period.

The primary issue at stake is the federal election process. Political observers speculate that Deni, eyeing the 2026 election, may struggle to reach a consensus with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

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