NISA boss accused of meddling as cracks appear in Somalia poll

NISA boss accused of meddling as cracks emerge in Somalia’s electoral committees

MOGADISHU, Somalia – Somalia’s request to hold elections within the next two months in accordance with the pre-election agreement could delay further given the issues surrounding the composition of the electoral committee, which is vital for the overall organization and execution of indirect ballots. .

In an agreement signed last month, stakeholders agreed on a number of issues they intended to address in the conduct of elections in the country. Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has been tasked with taking charge of the exercise.

Roble has already assembled a seven-member advisory team based in his office whose mandate would be to advise his team on election management. The team includes five men and two women, one of whom will focus on gender-sensitive issues in future polls.

But the Union of Presidential Candidates has once again questioned the process of verifying 67 people that it had subjected to the dismissal of the electoral body. The ministerial-level committee appointed by Mohamed Hussein Roble removed only 34 from the suggested list.

However, the opposition insisted in a press release that the check should be carried out transparently, adding that the 67 people should be replaced by neutral people unrelated to a government agency or state agents. .

It is alleged that a number of these individuals are senior officials, National Intelligence Security Agency [NISA] agents or sycophants of outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. The president’s term expired this year, but he is on the verge of being re-elected.

The opposition statement comes just hours after Wadajir party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame protested the impeachment process, arguing that the ministerial-level committee had failed to consult with candidates on allegations against them. 67 people.

“Those who celebrate today will complain tomorrow. We must not fall into lip service to illusions and promises. We insist on finding an agreed, fair, free and transparent process to implement the electoral agreement. “

Warsame said they congratulate the heads of the Somali army and police on the implementation of the electoral agreement by not interfering in politics and the elections. However, he accused intelligence chief Fahad Yasin of always interfering in the process of controlling electoral commissions because there are still NISA members on these commissions.

Somalia is racing against time to restore the confidence of members of the international community who fund most operations in the country. The United Nations has particularly reinforced the need for timely elections.



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