Nine al-Shabab Extremists Eliminated in Precise Airstrike across Middle Shabelle and Galgadud Areas

Mogadishu (AX) – A recent airstrike carried out by Somali army forces, with support from international allies, resulted in the deaths of at least nine al-Shabab militants in Middle Shabelle and Galgadud regions.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Information released on Wednesday, the airstrike targeted areas in Ali Helle and Barag Sheikh Aamir. Four militants were eliminated in Ali Helle, while five others met the same fate in the Barag Sheikh Aamir region.

During the operation, the army successfully targeted a military vehicle and a truck owned by the terrorist group. Four militants lost their lives in Ali Helle, while the Barag Sheikh Aamir area saw the deaths of five more extremists.

The statement further revealed that this action followed similar successful operations carried out a month prior, where the Somali government, along with international partners and local clan militias, took out approximately 80 al-Shabab militants and injured many others in three separate missions in the southern and central parts of the country.

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