New tension between Kenya and Somalia

A shootout broke out between Kenyan and Somali soldiers on Saturday (September 26) along their common border. A demonstration was under way to condemn the violence of the Kenyan forces against Somalis. Kenyan soldiers then opened fire to disperse the protesters.

Sustained exchanges of fire lasted for several minutes between the two neighboring countries’ armed forces, witnesses say. It takes place in the town of Bulo Hawo in western Somalia, located right on the Kenyan border. This Saturday, residents of this locality are demonstrating against the Kenyan armed forces accused of carrying out extrajudicial executions. The day before, the Kenyan counter-terrorism police allegedly arrested three civilian, suspected members of the terrorist group the shebabs.

The demonstration escalated as residents approached the positions of the Kenyan army, which then opened fire, receiving the response from Somali soldiers. At the moment, no victim is to be regretted.

In any case, the incident revives tensions between Kenya and Somalia. In recent months, Mogadishu has continued to accuse Nairobi of interfering in its internal political affairs, in particular by supporting the President of Jubaland, Ahmed Madobe, a staunch opponent of Somali President Farmajo.

But the conflict between the two neighbors this is nothing new. The mainstay: a maritime area rich in hydrocarbons, which Kenya and Somalia have been fighting for for years.


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