new revelations in the corruption scandal linked to Covid

In Kenya, the Kemsa affair has been causing unrest for several weeks. Millions of dollars have reportedly been diverted from their purpose within the state body responsible for medical supplies. This Wednesday, new revelations before the Senate question its officials a little more.

Appointed in July, the new Auditor General is already in the front line in the scandal at the moment in Kenya. According to Nancy Gathungu’s report, corruption within Kemsa has swallowed more than $ 21 million intended for the fight against coronavirus. The investigation condemns the involvement of several senior officials of the agency and private companies that have won lucrative contracts. However, these companies did not even have a year of existence or any experience in the sector.

Stunned, Narok Senator Ledama Ole China said it was “impossible to register a company in January and win a $ 8 million contract three months later. What skills do you have? ”He asked, adding that he wanted to know the names of the directors. The relationship is sensitive to political overtones as the Vice President of the Presidential Party admitted to being close to the director of one of these companies. David Murathe, however, denied having controlled this device.

Kemsa officials suspected of collusion and corruption through overcharging of equipment, unnecessary or unauthorized purchases and direct embezzlement. When asked in the assembly, the director of the agency, Jonah Manjari, denied. “Under my supervision, no amount was wasted,” he said straight into his boots. The ball is now in the court of the Directorate of Criminal Affairs. Many are now awaiting prosecution.


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