In the Comoros, the agency accused Campus France of

In Moroni, Campus France, a government agency located in various countries that high school students and foreign students are required to apply for when they want to continue their studies in France, has been accused of unpaid work. Its boss, Renaud Vely, a French contracting agent, was involved in an email condemning mismanagement against a background of racism because Comorian temporary workers were two months behind in pay when foreigners were paid on time for the same job.

as reported from Moroni, Anziza M’Changama

In Moroni, Campus France, a government agency through which high school and college students must go to continue their studies in France, is accused of mismanagement.

It is an anonymous appeal for help addressed to various heads of the French consulate Moroni. A question comes up again and again: “Is there sound and honest handling on the part of the account manager?” “

Renaud Vely, head of Campus France, is presented there as usual for last year, months of salary promotions were also registered. Aggravating circumstances this year when new foreign entrepreneurs were recruited, mostly spouses to French embassy staff, they were well paid on time. This “double standard” is questioned in the post as a form of apartheid.

For the French ambassador to the Comoros, it is rather a clumsiness of the head of the agency. She regrets, without denying the root of the problem, the anonymity of such denials against Mr. Vely. According to the diplomat, this only delayed the search for solutions as the message was not treated as a priority.

The Comorian contractors finally received a dated check that covered a single month’s delayed salary after Eid. In addition, the Ambassador announces that she wishes to adopt several new provisions validated by Paris and the Accounting Office in Madagascar and to settle the remaining arrears as soon as possible.


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