the social front also worries the executive

Prime Minister Moctar Ouane met with interim President Bah Ndaw on Friday. They raised two issues: the social front and the ongoing consultations for the formation of the new government.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

For the first two officials of the CEO, starting this Saturday, the conciliators will resume contact with the National Union of Workers of Mali (UNTM) to avoid the new five-day strike. It’s a puzzle: according to an official source, it takes at least 100 billion CFA francs a year to meet the requirements of the table.

Second iron in the fire, the formation of the new government says openness. Prime Minister Moctar Ouane has concluded consultations. Almost all political groups in the country agree to be part of the future team. But in the matter, M5, a movement that participated in the case of former president IBK, is divided.

The Union for Republic and Democracy (URD) ​​led by the late Soumaïla Cissé, the main party M5, answered “yes”, but the other side of the same movement said “no” and set conditions. That remains the case with the military, emblematic figures of the August 18 coup. Among them, some would not be happy not to be at the center of negotiations.

Reaction from an official from the Presidential Palace: President Bah Ndaw wants to involve everyone, but be careful, there are no two captains in the same boat.


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