Eid al-Kebir’s collective prayers were interrupted

In Mauritania we celebrate this Wednesday Eid el-Kebir. But there will be no public gatherings this year in Nouakchott and in the inner cities due to the worsening of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Mauritanian government has ordered that collective prayers be interrupted in mosques. The decision was made after a meeting with the religious guides, who agreed and demanded prayer at home in view of the health situation.

as reported from Nouakchott, Salem Mejbour

In recent weeks, the country has noted a sharp increase in pollution cases. Several members of the government, including the Minister of Health and his colleague on Islamic issues, met late on Sunday afternoon with members of the Ulemas Association to explain the health situation to them.

“We already knew at our level that the pandemic had become serious, given the number of patients being exposed virtually every day. Obviously this applies to everyone. We have understood the statements of the Ministers of Islam and Health, “said the president of the association in ulama, Sheikh Salah at the end of the meeting.

The flow of patients recently observed in hospitals puts a heavy strain on the oxygen reserve. But Health Minister Sidi Zahaf wants to be reassuring. “The increase in the number of patients has led us to strengthen the oxygen capacity of all hospitals. This allows us to ensure the reception of patients,” he explained.

Limiting the pandemic depends above all on preventive measures. An awareness campaign around barrier gestures, especially wearing a mask, was organized across the country on Monday by the Ministry of Health.


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