the hardening of the doctors’ strike does

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, social discontent in the medical sector is increasing. Doctors who are members of the three main unions in the public sector have decided to radicalize the strike. They are not happy with the government’s response to their demands. They demand a regulation of the administrative situation for about 5,000 of their colleagues, in addition to an increase in the salaries of others. The strike is dry, especially at Kinshasa General Hospital.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

Empty rooms, bare beds, some pavilions at Kinshasa General Hospital ringing hollow on Tuesday. Dr. Ngoboka is a cardiologist and also a union member. Today he does not wear his white coat.

This part is called oncology, there are no patients. Over there is gastroenterology, there are no sick people either. They were released after the slightest service. They were found to be sortable. They will continue the treatment at home, he explains.

For those whose case can not be followed at home. Ultraminimum service provided. “These patients who are detained will be followed until they are released by the head of the department, the head of the service. They will be able to get a helping hand from the medical director, the cardiologist continues.

This time, the strikers no longer want promises. “We want to rise in rank regularly, depending on the public service staff. We want to be paid normally. We want to work under good conditions. We do not ask too much ”.

To end the strike, the doctors want an agreement with an execution schedule to be signed with the government.

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