African online game studios collect round

In Africa, a dozen online game studios have simply merged to type PAGG, the Panafrican Gaming Group. This coalition goals to develop the sector and, above all, to harmonize practices on a continent with one billion individuals and 54 nations. But the long run appears to be like shiny.

In Kissoro Tribal Game, a recreation developed by Teddy Kossoko’s workforce; the hero should put an finish to a fratricidal warfare by profitable a recreation of Kissoro, a central African variant of the recreation awalé. It will want to point out agility, intelligence and adaptableness, precisely the traits that the ten main African studios that created PAGG, Panafrican Gaming Group, intend to merge at the top of February.

“There are quite a few studios that do things. But, spread across a continent consisting of 54 countries with different problems, it is very difficult. At present there are 300 video game studios in Africa. They are often small in size and represent only 1% of the global video game industry, explains Teddy Kossovo. So the idea is to also position PAGG as a kind of institution that would facilitate investment in Africa, as well as possible and as close as possible to the field and the concrete needs of companies in the market. ”

DevelopPAGG is both a lobby and a coalition. Its members share their experiences of attracting capital or generating profits, as Olivier Madiba, the founder of the Cameroonian studio Kiro’o Games, points out.

“We have information on fee applied sciences that we’ve developed in Africa, because of which I do know sure issues concerning the public in French-speaking Africa. For instance, we’re establishing a sort of profile for the African participant to know at what time of the month he pays. “And on the other side of the PAGG, for example, you have someone in Ethiopia who picks up the same data. And in fact, it gives us a common database.”

PAGG additionally hopes to resolve an important downside in African markets, fragmentation. “We are not in the Chinese or Indian markets, we have all the realities linked to our legislation that are different. And for every member of PAGG, having representatives in different regions and different countries in Africa is also a way to be able to more easily distribute our games. in a globalized way, ”explains Julien Herbin, founder of the Dakar Studio, Kayfo Games.

StructureMore generally, PAGG wants to structure all segments of the African market. “In truth, PAGG should be seen as a company that can assume by way of the complete construction of the African ecosystem. It will go by way of faculties, profitability mechanisms … create financial fashions tailored to Africa,” lists Teddy Kossoko. We are working on a full action plan for the coming years that will make it possible to address each part of the sector. “

The growth of African video video games is of nice curiosity to the massive worldwide studios, that are carefully following the primary steps of the Panafrican Gaming Group.

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