the last leg of the presidential election

Negotiations between religious denominations to appoint the future president of the election commission must resume this Friday, July 30, 2021.

The president of the platform for religious denominations, Catholic Monsignor Utembi, invites other religious denominations to the episcopate to try to find agreement. The President of the National Assembly gave them 48 hours to find a solution. A deadline that expires on Friday at midnight.

This is the last chance meeting and the six other religious denominations have decided to participate. The proposal from Catholics and Protestants is already on the table, which is in a letter accompanying the invitation to this new round of negotiations, we were told by unanimous sources.

Cenco and the ECC are proposing the six other religious communities to abstain from Denis Kadima, their candidate, while they will abstain from supporting the president of the bishops’ election observation mission, Cyrille Ebotoko.

These two candidates include a list of complaints, which we always confirm on both sides. Complaints including pressure, threats and even attempted corruption against religious of all stripes among those called to appoint Cenis president.

The solution proposed by the platform’s president, Monsignor Utembi, would be to find together a consultant candidate who, from a moral point of view, has more than technical ability to reassure all political actors, stating that both Catholics and Protestants. .

“Is it a proposal or a decision?”, Answer accompanied by the head of the awakening churches. Addition: “We can no longer submit to the dictates of the Catholics”.

On Thursday evening, the six religious denominations, which had already established their protocol with the name of their candidate, were in a meeting to draw up a strategy.

Nor is this 48-hour period useless for Sacred Union, the ruling coalition. Vital Kamerhe’s UNC called for a “broader consensus” in this nomination process, while groups close to the former governor of Katanga, Moïse Katumbi, are still waiting to know the key to the distribution of majority seats in Ceni, before submitting the names of their candidates.


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