a misplaced lion spreads panic within the suburbs to

The inhabitants of the suburbs of Nairobi had a great fear this Wednesday, July 28, 2021 in the morning. A lion had ventured into the middle of a residential area and caused panic. The park service finally sent out guards and veterinarians. The cat fell asleep and was caught before being released. An event that can illustrate the urban areas’ progress over nature.

With our regional correspondent in Nairobi, Sebastien nemeth

Dozens of people gathered at Ongata Rongai to watch KWS workers fall asleep to the lion with a soothing dart. The young man had seen in this residential area of ​​southern Nairobi at the height of the rush hour, which created a beginning of panic and delayed the arrival of children to school and the work of residents.

The lion eventually got stuck between a concrete wall and a prison sheet, making it easier to catch. He was transferred to a veterinary center for observation before being released with a collar in Nairobi National Park.

A lion that had escaped from Nairobi National Park was found in Rongai where it was sedated by KWS officers and taken back to the park. pic.twitter.com/8xhAfei7QT

– Signs TV Kenya (@SignsTvKenya) July 28, 2021

PNN is located seven kilometers from the city center and occupies 117 km2. It is the only safari park in the world located in a capital city. But some residents have complained and asked that it be better fenced. PNN is actually protected on three sides, with an open southern facade, to enable the reproduction and migration of animals. But the park is now crossed by a new road and a major railway line that some specialists accuse of disrupting the behavior of wildlife.

The Nairobi metropolitan area continues to expand. The Kenyan capital is one of Africa’s fastest growing cities, further increasing the onslaught on the national park.


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