In Chad, the price of sheep has complicated the party

This year, the Tabaski festival is characterized by the pandemic, but in Chad the most important problem is the price of sheep, which has risen sharply in the capital’s markets compared with previous years. So this Tuesday, the morning of Tabaski in Chad, Ndjamenois began to organize to enjoy the party despite tight budgets.

as reported from Ndjamena, Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

It’s bustling on this family farm in the Amriguébé district. Zara sits at ground level, knife in hand, in front of her several kilos of meat: “I cut the mutton with my sisters. This part is to give to the neighbor. The rest is for the whole family, we cut the meat to cook it well. “

Despite the joy, one topic remains on everyone’s lips: the price of sheep. “It’s very expensive, it’s very expensive: 35,000, 40,000, 45,000. But we, thank goodness, we found it.”

With the neighbor, the same concern. Moussa Idriss has his explanation: “Normally, if there are pilgrimages, they will get a lot of sheep, so prices go down. Since there are no pilgrimages (there are not many) sheep on the market, the prices have increased a little compared to last year. “

Next to him, his friend must have organized this year to afford a sheep: very expensive. We even deprived ourselves of some food and other expenses during these two months to pay for this sheep. We share it with our friends who could not afford it. ”

Another resident says that the meat parts are smaller than in previous years, and added that the most important thing is to share.


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