Chadian archer Marlyse Hourtou came out

In archery, Chadian Marlyse Hourtou was eliminated in the 32nd final of the women’s tournament on July 29, 2021 in Tokyo. She was beaten by the little South Korean prodigy An San, already twice a gold medalist during these Olympics. Hourtou is pleased with her performance but she believes she could have done better with better resources in Chad.

From our special correspondent in Tokyo,

To see the closed face on Marlyse Hourtou, hard to imagine that she just lost to one of the archer’s latest phenomenon, An San. The 20-year-old South Korean has already won two gold medals during these the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2021 (by team and in mixed event). But the Chadian had not come to play the 32nd final of the women’s tournament as an expiatory victim.

“I’m not really happy with my performance, she says at first, a little tense before she relaxes. It was my first participation in the Olympics and it was not easy. But I did my best. And I’m a little happy after all, because I was still facing the South Korean. I could take two points from him “.

An arc that breaks in the middle of the Olympics

According to Marlyse Hourtou, the circumstances did not really help. His bow was thus completely broken during these Olympics. “I had all kinds of worries. My seeker had problems, one branch broke. That was not easy. I had to fix some things, pay for a new sight. That’s why I’m still happy today, because I did not expect to go through this. ”

The coach of the Chad team, Abdou Zakaria Bessengue, supports. “Imagine, at any competition, an archer who comes with a single bow … It’s very difficult, he slips. We are motivated to work and thus transform archery in Chad to meet someone. If we have necessary material, but we are working with the available funds ”.

That is also why the young woman went into exile for a time at the world archery center in Lausanne (Switzerland). Making progress. “It was not at all difficult for me to leave Chad to go there,” the 25-year-old recalls. I told myself that I would get most of the teaching there. Only then did I tell myself I was bad. But I had good coaches who supervised me well. I can say that it is thanks to them that I managed to achieve certain points “. And rub the shoulders of the best on the planet at the Olympics.


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