Befa Centro, a musician who helps street children in


In Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, almost a thousand children live on the streets. Mostly aged 8 to 15 years, they are left to themselves for various reasons. Befa Centro, a Central African musician based in Chevilly-Larue in France, passed Bangui in September last year, marked by this phenomenon. He decided to start projects to support these vulnerable children.

Befa Centro was born and raised in France. For ten years he has worked with schools, homes and town halls that support vulnerable children. In September 2021, he chose to spend his vacation in the Central African Republic, his country of origin. It was during his stay that he discovered the phenomenon of street children. “I saw children who are really in insecure conditions, who live outside, who have to beg to be able to eat, who do not know where to sleep, who do not know where to go. Children really on their own and who can be drugged. »

Shocked to see these children live in insecurity, he returned to France with ideas and released the title “Street Child” in February 2022.

Befa Centro is aware that music is not enough to eradicate this phenomenon, he is embarking on other projects. “I would soon like to create an event to be able to raise money to help street children, and try to mobilize as many people as possible, elected representatives, associations and volunteers, in the city where I live, to raise money. to help street children and children in Bangui. »

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When he is around forty, he wants peace to definitely return to the Central African Republic to carry out its projects. “I already hope that the Central African Republic will already find peace, lasting peace … for the child is the future, the child is the adult of tomorrow.”

The young rapper will launch an online cat in the coming days to raise money for street children in the Central African Republic.

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