a lawyer was released on bail on appeal

The Yaoundé Military Court yesterday, Wednesday, June 9, decided to release Nicodemus Tanyi Amungwa on bail, as required by the Cameroon Bar and several non-governmental human rights groups, including REDHAC and Human Rights Watch.

This lawyer defends especially English-speaking separatist activists, including their leaders, Julius Sisiku Ayuk TabeHe was arrested on May 31 in Yaoundé’s territorial gendarmerie, where he came to defend a client in connection with a land battle. The investigation launched against him for “excuse for terrorism” continues, but he therefore left his place of detention yesterday.

“It is a victory for the bar and for the whole community, because several members of civil society spoke about the irregularities,” explains his lawyer Me Ayouk Otang Ndep, company of Florence Morice from the Africa service. The authorities, I think they have (come to) better feelings. It’s a bit of a victory for a reason … The officers for the judicial police continue their investigations, but for us this first step is first and foremost a good thing … because he is a colleague who is known … We are confident and we really want it to end at this level ”.

“His release is a relief even though he would never have been arrested,” he said Human Rights Watch which welcomes “a step in the right direction”.


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