Ethiopia reinstates Addis Ababa Standard license

Ethiopia reinstates Addis Ababa Standard license

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Federal Media Authority reinstated the publishing license of the Addis Ababa Standard, one of the online newspapers accused of working with “enemies” in order to “discredit” the sovereignty of the nation from the Horn of Africa.

Last week, the Addis Ababa Standard disputed the allegations and pledged to “seek justice” immediately. The news house first started out as a magazine before opting for online publication, making it one of the most widely read online news houses.

In a statement, the Media Authority revealed that it had had discussions with the media house, adding that it was assured of editorial independence among other controversial issues that had been raised by the government.

“During our discussions, the editors in Addis Ababa assured us that they have full editorial independence from all parties, including those with interests in the company. They also assured us that they strive to report impartially and are not the spokesperson for any political entity, “the statement read.

“Therefore, after agreeing on their past mistakes and on the basis of their commitment to operate within the law in the future, we have decided to reinstate their operating license,” the authority added. .

It is alleged that the Addis Ababa Standard was penalized for keeping the public informed about the conflict in Tigray, which has been going on for more than eight months. The federal army carried out an operation in the region after the Tigray Defense Forces [TDF] attacked the northern command.

Since then, the TDF have been fighting with the ENDF, Eritrean troops and Amhara regional forces, retaking several towns that had been seized. Aid teams say federal government forces have targeted innocent civilians, killing thousands of them.

In a brief statement, the Addis Ababa Standard acknowledged the reinstatement of the license, adding that it would continue to adhere to the truth in its reporting. He also thanked several organizations for standing by his side during difficult times.

“AS will abide by the commitment to ensure that such unfounded allegations are not taken as a statement of fact. On this occasion, AS would like to unequivocally state that as a reputable media outlet, its allegiance is to the truth, and in truth only, “read the statement.

“The newsroom management would like to take this opportunity to express their gratitude and gratitude to several countries, media institutions, rights organizations and individuals for expressing their deep concern and unreserved support over the past few days. We take these messages to heart. “



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