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Manchester City Reigns Supreme in Premier League History, declares James

Former Manchester City goalkeeper David James hails the club as the greatest of the Premier League era with four consecutive titles, a feat unmatched in English football history. The outstanding achievement of City's current squad in securing four straight titles sets them apart from Huddersfield Town, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United, exhibiting a dominant legacy. Under Pep Guardiola's leadership, Manchester City wrapped up the season with an impressive nine-game winning streak and an unbeaten run of 35 matches…

Mali: Political parties call on the Supreme Court

Malian organizations that signed the March 31 declaration filed a petition on Monday, April 22, before the Supreme Court to annul the decree that suspended political activities on April 10. This coalition includes almost all political parties and civil society organizations in the country, of various perspectives. These groups are demanding to resume their activities, yet their chances of success appear slim.

The Supreme Court confirms that the charges have been dropped

On Monday, April 19, the Supreme Court dismissed the Advocate General's appeal and confirmed the abandonment of the proceedings against several personalities, including former Prime Minister Boubou Cissé and radio host Ras Bath, who since December have been accused of plotting a coup. State with mysterious contours against the state. Five of the 7 defendants who have been imprisoned since December have…

Ultimate govt legitimate pictured with Al-Shabaab prisoner

Supreme government official pictured with Al-Shabaab prisoner MOGADISHU, Somalia - The credibility of the federal government in Somalia could once again be called into question after a top government official was seen with an Al-Shabaab prisoner who has been under NISA custody since 2014. Ali Yare, deputy governor of the Banadir region and a close associate of outgoing President…

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