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Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education accused

The Congolese Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST) is shaken by a scandal involving economic embezzlement. He is accused by the IGF of embezzling almost $ 400,000 of funds allocated to organize the first school football championship in…

France claims to have played a secondary role in hostage negotiations

Four days after the release of Sophie Pétronin, Soumaila Cissé and the two Italian hostages, the gray areas are still numerous. France assures it in any case: its role in this affair was only secondary. "The operation was carried out by the Malians, the terms of the negotiations were not carried out by France". This is the message conveyed by the Elysée while the conditions for the release of Sophie Pétronin raise questions. If the two countries' external services have worked together, it is Bamako who has kept control…

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