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Prime Minister Dbeibah, US Ambassador Norland is holding talks to prevent this

Libya's interim prime minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah met with US Ambassador Richard Norland on Thursday to discuss developments in the war-torn nation. "The current political situation with a special focus on preventing outbreaks of violence was discussed," Norland said on Twitter. "I called for the immediate reopening of Libya's airspace for domestic flights," Norland said, stressing the importance of "participating in mediation efforts in good faith to help Libya maintain stability." The meeting also…

Al-Mishri calls for reconciliation for stability in

Libya's Supreme Leader Khalid al-Mishri called on all sides to reconcile on a constitutional basis and agree on electoral laws to pave the way for stability in the country. In a statement released by the Council's press office after a meeting with British Ambassador Caroline Hurndall on Tuesday, al-Mishri said it was crucial for all parties to reach a constitutional settlement in line with the Libyan people's demands and establish correct electoral laws. ensure free and open voting. In addition to the…

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