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last tribute to Imam Kobine Layama, peace figure

Today there is a stone that is not there. So there are two stones left and you understand why we are moved, why we are in pain because a part of ourselves is not there and we are suffering. That is why we say that this moment is a painful moment. Imam Kobin was a man with integrity, a man who knew how to lead his society, he is a researcher but who had great simplicity, not to say humility. Cardinal Dieudonné Nzapalainga Esdras…

Dying of Imam Kobine Layama, determine of peace within the Central African Republic

Imam Kobine Layama, President of the Central Islam of the Central African Republic, died on Saturday night, November 28, in Bangui, aged 62. As a member of the Platform for Non secular Confessions, he's thought of by many to be an influential actor for peace within the Central African Republic. He was buried on Sunday within the Muslim cemetery in Boeing. A rally was additionally held on the Al Atiq…

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