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The slowdown of Kisangani port is attributed to a lack of upkeep.

Challenges in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as Congo River Levels Drop In the province of Tshopo, the Congo River has reached record low levels, making it tough for large boats to navigate the 1,720 km route between Kinshasa and Kisangani. Dredging, the removal of sediment from waterways, is no longer being carried out efficiently by the under-equipped river management. This has led to a slowdown in port activity in Kisangani, a crucial hub for trade between the eastern and western regions of the Democratic Republic…

[Rapport Mapping 2/3] DRC: in Kisangani, pain and persistent issues

More than 700 civilians died from 5 to 10 June 2000 in Kisangani after heavy arms conflicts between the Rwandan and Ugandan armies. Even today, the traces of this violence are still there and the pain is still alive. Monsignor Samuel Lotika has gray hair and well-worn glasses. The provincial president-bishop of Christ Church in Congo barely hides his teary-eyed eyes at the mention of the Six-Day War. “The first one was going to fall in the classroom where my son was studying. Many of the students were dead. It was also…

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