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Highlighted: grief in Ivory Coast

An entire country mourns its prime minister, Hamed Bakayoko, who died at the age of 56. In the kiosks, tribute continues and grows.Just one number that takes measurements of grief and sorrow in Ivory Coast: the number eleven. It is the sides, nothing less, that the daily L'Intelligent d'Abidjan dedicates to Hamed Bakayoko this morning, who has a total of twelve!As pointed out in an independent newspaper Inter, Ivorians are "in shock". Close to power, the daily…

Highlighted: Hamed Bakayoko’s disappearance

A first page in black and white for L'Intelligent in Abidjan with the headline: “A great son of Côte d'Ivoire died yesterday; a terrible blow to the Ivorians and to President Ouattara. ”Black also on the front page of Fraternité Matin: "Hamed Bakayoko, alas ..." Abidjan sighs daily. With this comment, ”he began as prime minister, restoring the thread in a fruitful dialogue with the opposition. (Again) unfortunately ... He…

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