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Ben Wilson Ngassan: “Digital facilitates” access to “the

In the Central African Republic, the Oubangui editions are organizing a literary fair in the capital on March 7-14 with young Central Africans. The challenge is to get young people interested in reading, but also in writing. Ben Wilson Ngassan is the author and promoter of this show. He is a guest of Rolf Steve Domia Leu Bohoula

Emmanuel Macron facilitates access to archives

Emmanuel Macron decided, as he had been asked in connection with the Stora report on the Algerian war, to facilitate access to classified archives. Following the recognition by France a few days ago of the fact that nationalist leader Ali Boumendjel had been tortured and murdered, the head of state wants to show that he continues to make progress on the sensitive issue of Franco-French relations. .…

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