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Escaping Danger: Sudanese Refugees Seek Safety Outside UN Camp in Ethiopia After Brutal Assaults

Over 1,000 Sudanese refugees escaped a United Nations camp in northern Ethiopia due to violence, per refugees and UN sources. Around 7,000 of the 8,000 camp residents fled on foot after being attacked and robbed by local militias. Detained by police after leaving Kumer camp, located 70 km from the Sudanese border in Ethiopia's Amhara region, the refugees remain anonymous for safety. UNHCR confirmed that 1,000 people felt unsafe at Kumer and left due to security incidents on Wednesday. Ethiopian government officials,…

Eritrean-trained soldier dies in Somalia after ‘escaping’ Asmara

AXADLE, Northeastern State - A young soldier allegedly trained in Eritrea was killed in the town of Afgoye, 30 km northwest of Mogadishu, a few weeks after escaping from Eritrea, where he had been "smuggled" for a training by the Somali authorities. Abdulmalik Abdullahi Haji, in his twenties, succumbed to injuries sustained from a knife attack, sources said, following a minor argument with a friend in town. He has since been buried. Abdulmalik was among thousands of Somali boys lured into bogus jobs in Doha, but sent…

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