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Trump’s Vice Presidential Choice Vance Dominates Spotlight at Republican Convention

JD Vance: From Middletown to National Spotlight Team Trump's running mate, Senator JD Vance, spotlighted his roots from an overlooked Ohio industrial town, pledging allegiance to the working class ahead of the November elections. Vance, 39, laid bare his rugged voyage from a tough upbringing to a Marine Corps stint, Yale Law, venture capitalism, and finally the U.S. Senate. Sharing his life story, he conveyed a deep understanding of daily hardships faced by many Americans. "Middletown, Ohio, was my battleground—a…

skepticism dominates among many Cameroonians before regional elections

Regional elections in Cameroon will take place at the end of the week, on Sunday 6 December. A historic vote with indirect voting rights: even if they are provided for in the 1996 Constitution, this will certainly be the first time that regional councils are set up with regional presidents. This is the last step in the decentralization introduced by the government. But in Yaoundé, the capital, few…

Presidential election in Burkina Faso: in Bobo-Dioulasso a sense of abandonment dominates

Two days earlier than the presidential election in Burkina Faso, the 13 candidates, who start one final marketing campaign day, are many to place safety on the middle of their guarantees. However this is not going to be the one lever on this election. Within the financial capital Bobo Dioulasso, many residents say they're deserted and remorse the abandonment of their metropolis. .

Skepticism dominates civil society after the president’s speech

In his speech, the Congolese head of state pointed out the differences within the ruling coalition with his partner, Joseph Kabila's FCC, and announced consultations next week with a view to forming a "holy union". We are still waiting for the official response from the FCC. No reaction from Lamuka's side either. Only civil society has begun to speak out. Many organizations are still debating internally to define a common position. But for Carbone Beni, the coordinator of Filimbi, there is already a positive point, that…

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