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Turkey seeks to develop spaceport in Somalia

Turkey seeks to develop spaceport in Somalia ANKARA, Turkey - The Republic of Turkey is in talks with three countries to develop a spaceport in Somalia and a rocket to perform moon landings, the space agency chief said, as Ankara continues to explore opportunities in the country of the Horn of Africa. For nearly a decade Turkey has proven to be a reliable development friend of Somalia, but its…

Senegal: how will the latent conflict develop in

Casamance has been confronted for almost 40 years by the MFDC's independence movement. But since the beginning of the year, the army has given a boost to its military operations by regaining the historical positions of the MFDC near the border with Guinea-Bissau. The goal stated: "to restore state authority completely." A new balance of power, while the uprising today seems to be aging and fragmented. .

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